About Thought Machine

Founded in 2014, Thought Machine is solving the banking industry’s legacy technology problem with Vault—a cloud native core banking platform that can run any type and size of financial institution on any cloud provider.

Our partnership

We work with Thought Machine to enable banks to improve customer outcomes, reduce costs and drive innovation. With our industry knowledge and technological expertise, we partner with Thought Machine to deploy Vault in a scalable way, helping clients innovate faster and create new customer-centric experiences.

90 seconds with… Thought Machine

Thought Machine’s Chief Operating Officer Gareth Richardson takes on our 90-second interview challenge.

VIDEO | 01:43 – 90 seconds with Thought Machine

Our work

We worked with Thought Machine to deliver a large volume migration for a tier 1 retail bank in the UK. With our product expertise and Thought Machine’s flexible software construct, we’re enabling new and innovative products to be launched at speed, providing a path to migration for legacy products and mitigating the risks of migration to the bank and its customers.

We also teamed up to create new customer experiences for a large retail bank in Asia. We built a new platform and mobile app in just twelve weeks while simultaneously adhering both to the region’s regulatory reporting standards and the bank’s own general ledger requirements. Through this we proved that banks can be innovative while adhering to strict internal policies and external regulatory obligations.

XBank Talks: The Next Generation of Banking

In this series of videos, we’re joined by Gareth Richardson, Chief Operating Officer at Thought Machine to discuss the future of banking and discover how challengers and incumbents are upgrading their banking platforms to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Part 1: The Impact of New Technology

We discuss changing consumer behaviours, new technology and cost-saving are forcing banks to start thinking differently about their offerings.

VIDEO | 13:01 – The Impact of New Technology

Part 2: Overcoming the Challenges of Core Banking Migration

Gareth reveals how Thought Machine is overcoming the challenges and mitigating the risks of core banking migration.

VIDEO | 10:28 – Overcoming the Challenges of Core Banking Migration

Part 3: Regions, Regulation and the Future of Banking

We discuss how customer demands vary regionally and how this impacts the delivery of core banking services.

VIDEO | 07:04 – Regions, Regulation and the Future of Banking