Making the leap to a brand new approach

Fundamental shift to a new approach

Jump is an entirely new method of transformation – the establishment of a new shell into which an existing business or functional capability can be migrated.

The main objective is to counter the limits of an Evolve approach and – by making the leap to new strategic platforms and ways of working – benefit from reduced costs and new customer experiences.

Jump on XBank is played out in real-time, as we document a live client experience in our blog and explore the various strategic, technical and operational considerations.

"Jump is an ambitious play, but the rewards are significant and far-reaching – ​​with the potential to revolutionize banking."

Sudeepto Mukherjee

Financial Services Lead

Publicis Sapient

Jump – key characteristics

  • Targeted step-change in cost-to-income ratio and customer experience
  • Fundamental re-shaping of existing processes to leverage new platform capabilities
  • Shift and migration to new strategic platforms and ways of working, decommissioning legacy systems
  • Using people from the legacy organization most willing to trial new approaches
  • Trialling of new governance methods as needed to support ‘agile’ delivery methodologies at scale

Download the Jump diagram.

This diagram compares the graphs of the impact trajectories of the XBank Evolve, Jump and Attack digital business transformation strategies, with a focus on showing Jump being more complex but providing quicker time to market. In the Jump strategy, once the Jump to the new platform is activated, the potential income line spikes then gradually increases against a decreasing operating costs line,  resulting in improved cost-to-income ratio against the potential income line.
Comparing the Jump impact trajectory with Evolve and Attack