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The inside scoop from industry experts on the latest trends in banking, financial services, fintech and more.

XBank Talks: What’s Next in Banking?

We explore the next generation of banking with banking leaders from HSBC, NatWest, Deutsche Bank, Starling Bank and Virgin Money.

What will a truly data-driven bank look like?

What will future customers expect from their banks? What will the world of platforms look like in five years? Industry leaders answer these questions and more.

Discover what's next in banking.
XBank Talks: What’s Next in Banking

XBank Talks: Building the next generation of Banking

In a series of exclusive interviews with our fintech partners, we’ll find out how banks are building new platforms and capabilities to create new customer experiences and meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Snowflake’s Head of Industry for Financial Services, Rinesh Patel, explains how data monetization, increased regulation and target operating models are set to change banking over the next five years.

Discover how to accelerate customer-centric and data-driven innovation.
Snowflake's Rinesh Patel

Engineering Insights

In this series, we examine how technology can accelerate the shift to the next generation of banking architecture, with key insights, theory and practical applications to help you stay relevant and drive growth.

Responsible AI

We explore how responsible AI is key in enabling banks to protect their reputations, avoid fines from regulators and increase revenue.

VIDEO | 07:36 – Why implementing AI responsibly is critical to success.

XBank Talks: Banking transformation

In this limited series, we discuss the practical steps to get digital transformation done, with live examples and insight from industry insiders.