Transforming the legacy

Focus on gradual growth and cost reduction

Evolve is the incremental transformation of an incumbent bank towards a more effective future entity. All aspects of the business are addressed. From customer journeys and commercial offerings to operational and technical capabilities.

Through XBank you'll witness how Evolve is used to help banks reorient around the customer, while reducing costs and making the organization more efficient.

“We'll show you how to take the steps you need to maximise the success of your digital transformation program.”

David Murphy

Financial Services Lead

Publicis Sapient

Evolve – key characteristics

  • Gradual growth and cost reduction transformation pathway, addressing customer pain-points and operational inefficiencies
  • Transformation through new ways of working which shift from product- to customer-centric value streams, evolving organisational structures to match
  • Savings and agility progressed by moving away from legacy systems, building out ‘service layers’ which enable required new functionality
  • Maintenance of existing governance methods, enhanced by cross-functional collaboration

Download the Evolve diagram.

This diagram compares the graphs of the impact trajectories of the XBank Evolve, Jump and Attack digital business transformation strategies, with a focus on showing Evolve providing the least risk along the longest timeframe. In the Evolve strategy, the organisational cost gradually decreases over time, resulting in improved cost-to-income ratio against the potential income line.
Comparing the Evolve impact trajectory with Jump and Attack

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