Launching a competitive new entity

Not just another challenger bank

Attack is the creation of a digital proposition that fills an unmet need in the market, allowing organizations to reach and service new customers more effectively and create new streams of revenue.

XBank shows you how the Attack model is already helping banks do this.

In partnership with Microsoft, Attack was used by Publicis Sapient to build Anglo-Gulf Trade Bankthe world's first fully digital trade finance bank – in just a matter of months.

VIDEO|3:38 – Learn how Publicis Sapient teamed with Microsoft to deliver the world's first fully digital trade finance bank.

Attack – key characteristics

  • New enterprise with a ‘self-contained’ business case
  • Addresses a unique customer need vs. delivering a new product
  • Prioritizes a ‘digital first’ design, unpolluted by legacy thinking and culture
  • Allows for accelerated decision making with defined boundaries

Download the Attack diagram.

This diagram compares the graphs of the impact trajectories of the XBank Evolve, Jump and Attack digital business transformation strategies, with a focus on showing Attack being fast, focused and cheap. In the Attack strategy, there is an initial set up cost borne by the incumbent bank before costs are managed by the new entity, which typically remain low. The potential income line turns sharply upwards over time, with a steadily improving, but variable,  ratio to costs.
Comparing the Attack impact trajectory with Evolve and Jump

Harnessing the power of partnerships

Underpinning our proven, repeatable approach to building digital banks is a flexible, data-centric platform and organization. Taking best of breed cloud-enabled partners, seamlessly integrating out-of-the-box technical components and combining them with deep local insights.

The result is an entity that's tailored to your needs, focused on ROI and set up for exponential growth.

This diagram outlines the elements that Publicis Sapient runs with its clients to bring its proven, repeatable approach to building digital banks to life. The diagram is divided into three horizontal lanes that work in parallel: Go to market, Services & Products, and Cloud. Go to market focuses on business ecosystem elements. Services & Products focuses on customer journeys and CJT, and Cloud focuses on tech stack architecture.
Applying a proven, repeatable approach