About XBank

Pulling back the curtain to show you HOW to digitally transform for the next generation of banking.

Why XBank?

XBank was created to move beyond the usual thought leadership pieces and get into the nuts and bolts of digital transformation – to prove why it's essential and show you the steps to getting it done.

The story unfolds in the form of podcasts, video series, spotlight features, real banking solutions, research initiatives and more.

Behind XBank

Publicis Sapient's unique transformation model is a three-pronged approach designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create opportunities for growth.

To reach all of their business goals in the short, medium and long term, banks should adopt a diversified blend of Evolve, Jump and Attack. This allows them to not just improve the existing organization, but also leverage gaps in the market to create a new revenue stream and lead new product and service offerings.

Diversified digital investments deliver strong P/E premiums but also high returns. The exact golden breakdown in investments for a company is unique based on factors like its industry, competitive positioning and stage of development, but an approximation of the 70-20-10 rule is a good starting point.

This diagram outlines the ideal blended approach of the XBank Evolve, Jump and Attack digital business transformation strategies, which are plotted along a horizontal scale – 'playing catch-up' at the far left, 'long-term impact' at the center, and 'continual intervention' at the far right. Evolve is set at 70% investment, mostly aligned above 'playing catch-up'.  Jump is 20% investment, centered between 'long-term impact' and 'continual innovation'. Attack is 10% investment, aligned directly above 'continual innovation'.
Digital-first state: a diversified portfolio of innovation

Powered by Publicis Sapient

XBank is backed by digital business transformation partner, Publicis Sapient. Spanning the full range of capabilities, from initial strategy through to the technical build, Publicis Sapient has a long track record of helping create disruptive new businesses and propositions with relentless discipline and pace.

This Venn diagram shows how Publicis Sapient's four major capabilities – Strategy & Consulting, Engineering, Experience, and Value Delivery – overlap in the center in a collaborative approach to transform businesses.
Publicis Sapient: your collaborative capabilities partner